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Saying Goodbye

Leaving and knowing that you’ll miss it

I recently gave notice to terminmate my employment with the company at which I’ve been employed (technically I’ve been a remote contractor for the last year). I’ve been there for 10 years, a long time when considered in the context of today’s tech world. I had a phone meeting today with the company’s director of software development. As we talked two things dawned on me:

1 I’m leaving for good reasons. Nothing gossipy or othewise worth posting. It is just time for me to move on.

2 It’s okay to recognize that it is time, and yet still feel a sense that I’ll miss it. I learned a lot during my time there. I made some good friends. I’ll miss working with ‘em.

I think (for me anyway), it is easy to let today cloud the long term perspective. I’m happy with where I am and where I’m heading today. Yesterday’s experiences, both good and bad, have helped me get where I am today. So I’m coming to grips with the notion that it’s time to leave, and yet still knowing that I’ll miss it.