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Change of Pace

I’ve worked in the Higher Education space for the last 9 years. It has been fun, rewarding and challenging. My role over the years has been in a constant state of change. I started as a Lab Specialist, working one on one with students as they worked through activities and lab work. I moved on as a full time instructor for several years where I gave long lectures. I quickly realized however that long lectures don’t work, and moved on to lots of short lectures with scattered activities and assessments. For the last two years I have worked in an education management role where I get to work out how we approached our students development and education from a higher level.

After this week however things will change. I am moving away from my existing management position within the faculty / education team. There is a world of challenges ahead of the education community, specifically surrounding the asynchronous learning model that is inherent in online education. I am convinced that the future of higher education will be found within the online world. The world will keep evolving and education needs to evolve with it.

So I am excited to be joining our internal software development team as we reboot and focus on utilizing and building technology to overcome many of the challenges that face educators. I have been wanting to get back to a place where my work was more focused on development. At the same time I have really enjoyed working at the university. The opportunity to focus on these challenges seems perfect for me as it allows me to continue to be involved in education at the university, while spending a good portion of my day writing code.

I’m excited for the future.